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Another Tale of Two Whippings ...

Note: This story involves female to male spanking.

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" If I fearful before, now I was shaking ... "

It took over a week for the marks left by Mistresses new Reform School strap to heal and fade and while I hoped I'd seen and felt the last of that, I knew it wasn't to be. It was all that she talked about to her friends...how heavy...how wide...the way it left the marks of the holes and how she filled them in.

So it was no big surprise when, two weeks later, she announces that I was going to get another dose of her new strap at 2pm. So prepare myself.
She then said that one of her friends, who was curious about this strap was going to assist her in administering the punishment which was to be the same as last time 24 strokes. I lived in holy terror for the 3 hours but came into the punishment room right at 2. Raven, my mistress, was there as was her friend Star and I was told how lucky I was to have Star help thrash me, as she is left handed and they could just take turns from either side of bench. Then came the news that for this session I would not be secured and would have to take my strapping like a man.

If I fearful before, now I was shaking. Assume the position please and I got up on the bench and Mistress told me to ask for the 1st stroke. I did and I got it a really hard one from "lefty" on the lower part of my bum. Now it was Raven's turn and she let me have one equally as hard in the same place and then I knew this was going to be way worse than I imagined. I think I started squirming on the 5th stroke and on the 8th I jumped right up and started rubbing my fiery bum. Mistress just looked at me and said get back up there and we'll secure you.

After I was cuffed at the wrists and ankles I was told that because of my insubordination they would have to start over and would I please ask for the 1st stroke! Now I was to get 32! Almost tearfully I did but Mistress said I think we should gag you first and blindfold you as well, which they did. I was then told that the lashes would be spaced 15 seconds apart to give time to appreciate each one and to anticipate the next one as I couldn't see her arm going up with the mask on. About the 9th I was crying out behind the gag and at the 15th was starting to shed tears. They stopped at 18 and I thought it was over - but no - it was just to change positions!

They were now at the head of the bench and Ii was to get the last 6 from there 3 to each cheek. This type of stroke is really painful as about 3 or 4" of the tail of the strap strikes the top of your thighs .I screamed with every line and was sobbing at the end. They left me for about 10 minutes and then came back to released me, at which time I was compelled to thank them for giving me what I both needed and deserved.

Raven told me the next day that Star wanted to team up again as she had a brand new senior cane - and did I think 16 strokes was going to be enough?!

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