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Enough is Enough!! ...

Disclaimer: This story involves a personal domestic spanking encounter!

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" I unzipped her denims and pulled them down to her knees ... "

I have a friend called ANGELA. We are both in our forties and get on well together.
The only problem that I have is that Angela fails to heed my advice, and on occasions that advice is felt by me to be of great importance!

One Saturday night, whilst down at the garage, I decided that Angela needed to be taught a lesson. Enough was enough ... and I told her so.

She replied: "What you going to do? SPANK ME!"

Well, I immediately told her that was a very good idea and I pulled her promptly across my knee. She was wearing denims, but that didn't matter. I began to soundly smack her bottom. To say she was not pleased at this would be an understatement, but I held her firmly in place and continued to spank her as hard as I could, despite her pleas for me to stop.

I again reminded her why she was in this position and I told her that I was going to take her pants down and do the job properly. She bravely dared me by saying "You wouldn't dare", so I did just that! - I unzipped her denims and pulled them down to her knees. This was sharply followed by her panties heading the same direction.

With all the required parts now bare, primed and fully exposed, I gave her a lengthy (and thoroughly enjoyable) OTK spanking that she'd remember for a long long time!

At the conclusion she promised to heed all the advice given in future.

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