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I'm Fed Up!! ...

Disclaimer: This story involves female to female punishments!

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" Still going "B..B..But...", she began to spank me on my bare bottom! ... "

Hi .... I'm 26 yrs old, female, and one day a friend of mine introduce me to a girlfriend of hers called Natasha. She was so exited when we met that we began to chatting and talking as if we'd known each other for years. She was indeed very friendly.

At the end of the party she took me to her house. I was fascinated with her home and by her family, who were very very rich. I was equally fascinated by her convertible BMW sports car. Needless to say, we became friends, very close friends, in no time at all.
In fact, how we became soulmates in less than one month I don't know.
I guess it was my fate.

We did all manner of things together; going shopping, taking in movies, watching t.v, swimming, playing tennis (in her own court). I felt like I was in heaven!
One day, maybe a month or two into our relationship, she was driving me home after watching a film, so I asked her to come over to my place and have some dinner. So she agreed, and we went up and I opened the door to my apartment. It was in mess as I hadn't had time to clean it. I was with Natasha so much of the time.
When she saw the mess she was shocked and I of course began to apologize (as you do) and started to put dinner into the microwave.
Natasha was so astonished and shocked about the state of the place, that she apparently had different plans. She asked me to bring a hairbrush, so without thinking anything more than her hair looked fine to me, I retrieved one from the bathroom. Then she totally threw me by asking me to take my slacks off and to take my panties down!! - Well, talk about my turn to be shocked and astonished! I didn't know what to say, where to look, or what to do. I didn't know if she was being serious, just pulling-my-leg, or what. Surely she could not be lesbian .... Could she?

Suddenly Natasha yelled at me! She pointed sternly and again ordered me to pull off my trousers and remove my panties. Confused, still in some form of shock and not wanting to displease her, I did what she asked. It was embarrassing to say the least. Then she grabbed me firmly by the arm, sat down and pulled me over her knees.

I was still going "B..B..But..." when she began to spank me on my bare bottom!
I swear it was my first spanking since I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper. Blushing and feeling like a stupid little kid who'd pinched the cookie jar, I began to shout and kicked my legs about wildly. It got me no favorable response from her at all.

She gave me more than 20 really hard swats on each of my butt cheeks. I felt drowzy from the rush of blood to my head, the lost energy I had exerted from my struggling and the continuous painful poundings from the solid wooden hairbrush. I suddenly realized that I could no longer even feel my butt. It had gone from being stingingly sore to incredibly hot to becoming, well, quite numb.

Once she had finished, she asked me to get up and put my panties back on. I was in a total state, very emotional, and still very embarrassed. Rubbing my red and badly bruised bottom, I gathered my underwear and once more made myself respectable. Natasha then explained why she spanked me, and she made me promised her that I would not to let my apartment fall into this extent of disorder again - ever.

We still had our dinner together that night, although I couldn't eat much. Then she left.

I couldn't sit on my butt for the whole of the next day. Her forceful swats and the image of me yanked over her knee like some screaming schoolgirl brat lingered in my head for more than a week. But since that time, somewhat unsurprisingly, my apartment has been the tidiest and cleanest apartment in the whole complex!

... Until now, this may sound like a pretty ordinary story for you, but three weeks later she asked me to move with her! My lease contract was nearly up and she didn't want me to sign another one. She has a very, very nice house, big with a big back yard and it's in a very rich neighborhood. So how could I refuse!
I moved in and things were great. Naturally we have separate rooms, so once, when she wanted to borrow my skirt to wear on a date, she came in and opened my closet whilst I was showering. When I got out, I saw her standing in front of my open closet door, with a hairbrush tapping away in her hand. Of course I realized instantly that my clothes were all in a mess. Those not crumpled on the floor were badly hung.

So ... she was here to remind me of my last spanking!
This time I knew what was coming, but being her house, my options were somewhat limited. I stepped back as she moved forward. Trapped in my ensuite-bathroom, she motioned to me with the brush and instructed me to drop my robe to the floor. She then turned me to face the mirrored-wall and bent my body forward over the sink.

Softly, I whimpered to her not to punish me again because it hurt so much the last time. She simply replied that a spanking must hurt or lessons are not learned, and pointed-out that I had quite obviously not learned enough from my last encounter!
She placed the ball of her hand into the small of my back, pinning me to the cold ceramic bowl at my midriff. My legs started to quiver and I felt that I desperately needed to pee! But all thoughts of urinating on my bathroom floor were quickly scattered as her hand swished down and I felt the searing pain of the dense wooden tool connect loudly with my still wet skin. Craack! Craack! Craack!
My body jumped uncontrollably with each new smack. The pain seemed to be racing to nerve-endings all over my body. She asked me to count the shots out loud.
"W..W..One", I cried as what was probably already her fifth stroke found it's way home.

I could not stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks. My freshly washed skin was still moist, which did nothing to easy the pain. I tried to protect my swelling and now extra colorful buttocks with my hand. But my defence was quickly brushed away and the effort promptly rewarded with and even harder swipe.
Only when Natasha had reached her 30th swat did she stop. ... Or so I thought ...
It was in fact just a mere pause, just long enough for her to return with the extra thick leather belt that I wore with my miniskirt. Still trembling like a leaf, I was pushed back into position. My ass was already welted and discolored. My fingers could trace the groves left by the previous barrage of her cruel spankings, but Natasha remained unfazed by my degree of suffering. Taking large swings, she belted me 15 times with the chunky two inch strap. My butt went an indescribable shade of dark reds, patchy purples and tonal blues, and formed deep bruises that were to last for weeks!

When she finally stopped, she kissed me gently as if to say it was all for my own good, then caressingly rubbed some lotion all over the affected area. Then she led me over to the bed and said that I was still being punished and that I could not go out for one week. Grounded! As if my red-raw bottom was not enough!
As it turned out, I could not sit on my bottom for nearly two days, so bed was actually quite a comfort to me. I did love Natasha and wanted to stay with her, even if she did make me feel like a little girl with her punishment routine - or maybe because of it?

Life with her got back to normal and many months went by since the episode in my bathroom. I had even just begun to believe that perhaps that was the end of it ....

.... And then one day it started all over again. Except this time she went even further than she had before, caning me right in front of her sister, all because I cursed!
But that's another long story ...

I eventually started to receive hard spankings from her for the smallest of offences. Virtually every other day she would find a reason to cover my bottom with fresh welts and bruises. So I recently decided to leave her. I'd only been gone a week, when she phoned, begging me to return. I do really really like her. I miss her and I also feel sorry for her. She has promised me not to spank me without a good reason, and then only to use her hand if she does ever have to spanking me for something again.

As yet I have not returned to her.
I don't know what is the best thing to do.

.... Can you help me please??????

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