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Harry to Helena ...

Disclaimer: This story involves age play and cross-dressing!

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" I was beaten nearly every night and always dressed as a schoolgirl ... "

It started when I was 8 and my sister was 11.

My sister went to a school run by Nuns and Brothers (to which I was to go to), my father had died, we were a handful, and mother had the opportunity to purchase a cane, a rubber strap and 3-tailed leather tawse cheaply (all sold by the school).

We were told that every Sunday afternoon, directly after tea, would be our Corporal Punishment. We were sent to our rooms to change. My sister in her school uniform and me into my sisters junior school uniform (gymslip, blouse, tie, blazer, boater, long white socks and t-bar black shoes). We were then taken into the communal dining room, where various punishment instruments were laid-out on the table.
The visitors (and there were usually several) were seated and mother read from our Corporal Punishment Records telling them the reasons for our impending beating.

I will never, ever forget the first one ....

Made to dress as a girl, I was called Helena and beaten. I received 12 strokes of the rubber strap, 6 of the tawse and 3 of the cane - all at the tender age of 8 years old!
This went on and became almost normal, but worst was to come.

At age 11, I went to my sister's school (boys and girls were kept separate in classes), and mother had arranged that I wore girls school-knickers and long white socks!
My first beating in class, on day 2, was trousers down and everyone saw!

... It never got better.

When I went to college, I thought things would cool down. - Wrong!
My sister became a teacher at our old school and she and mother decided to take me in hand. I was beaten nearly every night and always dressed as a schoolgirl.

Later in life, my sister even selected my wife for me, (a friend of hers) and we all lived together, with my mother, for quite some time.
I had to endure (and still do) being dressed at night in a nappy, with rubber pants and dummy. I am fed by bottle and given syrup of fish and cod liver oil before bed.

My typical punishment regime now consists of: over the knee, knickers down, 50 of the leather paddle, 50 of the wooden paddle, 50 of the wooden spoon and 50 of the short rubber strap. I then receive 6 on each hand with the rubber strap, the rubber tawse and leather tawse. Then I am placed over a punishment bench and caned.

Knickers down, gymslip up, dummy in, I am then ready to receive 24 of the leather paddle, 24 more of the riding whip, 36 each of a rubber then leather tawse, 36 of the rubber strap, all of which is then rounded off with a good hard dose of the cane!
I am never told in advance how many (fear factor) but anything between 24 and 60!
I also occasionally receive the birch.

I am however quite content with my little lot because I have lived this way-of-life now for nearly 40 years, but my buttocks are always sore, welted and cracked.

My grandmother (mother), mother (sister) or aunty (my wife) do not yet know I have written this tale about them, but I'm sure I will feel the pain if they ever find out!

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