The Morning I Learned A Lesson
... Story submitted by Jessica Pike

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The Morning I Learned A Lesson ...

Note: This story involves male to female spanking.

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" ... pull my panties down and give me a 100 swats with the paddle ... "

When I was 17 my parents did not know what to do with me. I was very rebellious drinking, smoking weed, and having sex. Eventually they decided it would be in my best interest to send me to a very strict independent Baptist boarding school. They did not tell me I was going there, only that we where going to visit relatives in Ohio!

We pulled up and I immediately knew there was something strange to the place. We went into the directors office and I saw it. It was hanging on the wall. An oak paddle. I had never been spanked in my life. We chatted for a while and my parents left me there all by myself with a man I was told to call Brother Mark. He told me the rules and I decided I would obey everyone of them to ensure I did not get to meet that paddle. Every rule you broke the consequence was a meeting with the paddle.

I will never forget the night of my 18th birthday. I had been so good and kept every rule because I had heard stories of other girls who had a meeting with the paddle. But I had to celebrate my 18th birthday, so me and two of my buddies came up with a fool proof plan - or so we thought. We'd sneak out the window and then come back in when they where getting everyone else up the next morning.
We had a great night; hooked up with some boys and drunk till we could no longer stand up. I was finishing off the last of my Smirnoff when Bro. Mark walked in the door at the house we was in. I was so drunk I did not care. I told him if he wanted to to pull my panties down and give me a 100 swats the paddle, it was worth it for such a good night. He asked me to sign a paper to let him do that because I was just 18 he had to have my permission. So foolishly I signed the paper.

He took me back to my boarding room and put me to bed. He let me sleep till 11:00am, which was strange because we where never allowed to sleep that late.
He came in and got me up and said, "Come with me to my office we have some business to take care of ". I had a bad hangover and had completely forgotten about signing the paper. He took the paper out and said' "Are you ready?"
I was suddenly overcome with fear and started crying then he got the paddle off of the wall. I struggled and tried to run so he called in three men to hold me down. He took my PJ pants down, leaving them curled around my ankles. Next he pulled my panties down. I was so embarrassed. I had never let any man see my fanny naked before.
But my embarrassment passed as soon as the paddle made it's first impact. I will never forget that first swat. I thought it was going to kill me. I did not know how I could take 99 more. He did not only give me 99 more he would give me five and then wait a whole minute before giving me five more. In that 60 seconds I could feel all the pain. I can not tell you how bad it hurt or how big and dark the bruises were.
When he was done I could not sit down for 4-days it hurt so bad. The bruises lasted for over 3-weeks. My butt was all different colors. He seemed to always hit in the same place each five he would give me.

I learned a lesson that morning. I promised myself to never get it again! And I did not.
I graduated from the school and still hold the record for the number of swats anybody ever got. Do I think I deserve them, yes. I should not have done what I had done.

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