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Disclaimer: This story involves a mother daughter spanking encounter!

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" my mother came into my room holding a wooden paddle ... "

I had just come home from a party, 3 hours later than expected, and my mother was not to happy with that! When I walked into the door I heard her yell out from the kitchen, "Kathryn Jean! Where in the world have you been?"
I told her that the party was running a little late. "Well that is no excuse!" she said coming down the corridor to find me.

I was starting to get scared, just because I am 19 now doesn't mean that I don't still get a good paddling or strapping from her every once and a while!

"Go to your room" she said "and change into you pyjamas. Don't bother to put on your panties though, because I'll be up in a couple minutes to deal with you."
So there I sat, frightened about what was to come. After a few minutes my mother came into my room holding a wooden paddle with holes in it, and the strap.

"You know the drill." She said taking her position in an armchair. I walked sluggishly over to her, pulled down my pyjama bottoms and lay bare-ass over her knee.

"You are going to get 25 paddles on each cheek." She said calmly. "Every time you talk during your spanking you will receive 5 extras. Understand? Are you ready?"
"Yes Mom." I started to reply apprehensively, but never quite finished my sentence.
SMACK "Never" SMACK "do" SMACK "that" SMACK "to me" SMACK "ever" SMACK "again." SMACK. - This was just her first speech and it was already starting to hurt!

I was clenching my fists to hold in the pain of the paddle, but mother quickly put a stop to that by giving me 5 extra-hard whacks on my thighs saying "This is a spanking and it needs to hurt, young lady! When I am finished you should be crying for mercy!"

So I unclenched my fists and the smacks kept on coming. Now I was starting to cry out after each smack. Soon I was balling! She switched to my other cheek. My right cheek was on fire! After she was finished with my left cheek she made me kneel into the chair. "Oh no!" I wanted to protest, but before I was even prepared for the first lash it came at me full speed. "Ouch!!!!!!!" I cried!

"Guess what Miss. Kathryn, you just eared yourself 5 more extras for yapping!"
The lashes kept on coming and the pain was becoming quite unbearable! I was crying so hard that I was pretty sure I was going to flood our house. Suddenly my mother told me my spanking was over.

"... But I'd wipe that look off your face if I were you" she recommend "because you have the extra 5 spankings still coming to you, so get over here and lay over my knee.
... And bring me that brush off the dresser while you are at it!"

So l lay over her knee once more and took five more smacks OTK with the hairbrush.
My bottom was so sore and tender by now that I didn't have enough energy to even have a good cry. I just lay there, limply, silently whimpering as I received my extras.

After that I couldn't sit down for 3 days!

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