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Disclaimer: This story involves Jenny getting a severe bare-bottom paddling!

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"Til then gave her ass fifteen more hard cracks on her bare bottom ... "

Well I guess I must tell you that this is a story about what me and my friend T.I.L. did.

One day me and Til were hanging out with our friend Jack at our club house. Jack's girlfriend, Jennifer Rouge, broke in the club house that day when we weren't there.
We found this out when we got back to see our secret safe was tampered with. Til opened the safe to find everything but his favorite medallion that his girlfriend Nina gave him. Jack noticed that there was a piece of black material caught in the latch.

When we examined it, we found that the material came from a black Raiders coat.
"I know exactly who this belongs to" Jack said.
"Who?" I asked.
"Jenny. This looks like her coat" Jack replied.
"Only one way to find out, excuse me" Til said storming out and down the street.

After a 3 minute period we saw Til passing by, carrying Jenny over his shoulder. Jack and I exchanged bemused glances and quickly followed him into his uncle's house next door. Jenny was kicking and cussing the whole way into the basement.

"Dude what are you doing?!" asked a perplexed Jack.
"Quite down girl" Til snapped, ignoring Jack as he wrestled with a struggling Jenny.

Til had me hold her arms while he adjusted a table of some kind. He then took some rope and tied her ankles to the two table legs in front of her. He quickly removed her Raiders coat and threw it on the floor, leaving her in her red dress.
Grabbing her arms from me he bent her over the table lying on her stomach and tied her hands firmly to the remaining two table legs.

"Til you fat wanker! Just you let me go you .. you F***ing psycho!" Jenny snapped.
"Dude if she keeps on screaming like this we are in some sh*t." I expressed.
"Listen, she can scream, plead, and even weep. With these soundproof walls you hear not a peep." Til promised us calmly.
"Til let her go man." Jack pleaded on her behalf.
"In all good time bro, first is first, and I want my medallion back." Til snarled.
"But we don't even know for sure that she did it." Jack pleaded again.
Til picks up her coat and holds it out showing a hole in the back by the logo. Then he holds the piece black material we found up to it, ... a perfect match.
"Where is my medallion Jenny?" Til asked her calmly.
"I don't know what the f*** you are talking about." Jenny retorted viciously, struggling in vein to break from her new bonds. "You bast*rds are going to regret this!"
"Not as much as you will, Michael Jackson." Til smirked.
"What? I am not Michael Jackson you freak!" she yelled.
Til took his hand and smacked her ass as hard as he could with one loud SMACK. "Oow!" she cried, shooting him a glare that could have killed.
"Sure sound like him to me babe." Til laughed himself into the next room.

He returns with a handmade wooden paddle that had leather on each side and eight evenly spaced holes through the centre on it. We watched him wrap the handle with skateboard griptape.
"What the hell is is that?" Jack asked nervously.
"Jenny, I would like you to meet my little friend. This is the SALTY BUMBLEBEE." Til announced to her with a wicked smile stretching across his face.
"Man. I can't believe you are doing this bro." Jack worried.
"Why is there leather on it?" I asked.
"It's leather I specially boiled in some salt water. It makes the leather easy to stretch and the salt crystalizes in the gaps amplifying the stinging." Til proudly stated.
"Let me go!" Jenny yelled, starting to panic and still wincing to break free.
Til gave her ass four good cracks with the paddle causing her to cuss and scream.
"Where is my medallion, Jenny?" Til asked firmly.
"I don't .. f***ing ... have ... any ... stupid medallion" Jenny snapped syllable by syllable whilst wriggling like a fish at the shock of her newly heated and stinging bottom.
Til then gave her ass another twenty hard cracks, then stopped and turned to us to tell the two of us to calm down. Jenny was in genuine pain, but we were feeling it too!
"You need to tell him where it is or this will only get worse." I informed.
"This can't get any worse! I don't f***ing have anything." Jenny said in between sobs.

Jack comes up to me and Til and says: "Dude she is way too stubborn to listen to anyone." Til replies with a smile: "Really, then behold the MONEY MAKER."

Til returns to Jenny while me and Jake stare in confusion.
"Can't get worse you say. You are obviously forgetting something." Til stated firmly.
"What am I forgetting?" Jenny hissed.
"The moment to dread, when spine is shielded by something red." Til smirked.
"What the F*** is that suppose to mean?" Jenny asked roughly.
Til repeated his riddle as he began lifting her red dress up onto her back, exposing her bare and tender skin plus all of her tiny blue panty-covered bottom.
"You can't be serious!!" Jenny cried.

Til looked at the green dollar signs on her bottom and quoted a second riddle as he pulled her panties to her ankles: "What do I do with money of green, panties of blue leave the scene." Til then gave her ass fifteen more hard cracks on her bare bottom.
The cristallized salted leather did it's job, producing huge multicoloured patterns in her dainty flesh. At the fifteenth stroke Jenny had had more than enough!
"Ok! ok!" she screamed. "My brother has it. It's in his room; in his dresser. I'll go and get it for you. Please stop. Please.." Jenny begged.
"Cha-Ching .. The Money Maker." Til said with a smile.

We then untie her and we take her home where she was more than happy to give Til his precious medallion back.

After receiving the medallion we left her at home. Jack and me and Til went back to his uncle's house. We were there not even ten minutes when the phone rings. It was Jenny and she wanted to talk to me and Til, so he puts her on speakerphone.
"What is it chick" I asked.
"I just wanted to say how sorry I am for all the trouble I caused today, can we still be friends?" Jenny asked.

Before I could think Til answers: "Of course me and Panther will still be friends with you, just remember to respect others and they will respect you!"

And that my friends is the true MONEY MAKER---Panther!

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