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My Just Desserts! ...

Disclaimer: This story involves a personal domestic spanking encounter!

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" my legs wide apart, allowing him to straddle me and take his prize ... "

I had been teasing my boyfriend for a long time in my skimpy bras and panties. It was fun while it lasted and I enjoyed the power my womanhood had over him.

One day, however, he had had enough and caught me as I emerged from my bath. He carried me into the bedroom, wet, naked, and struggling, where he threw me on the bed and hastily fastened my wrists to the headboard with some love cuffs he had apparently gotten just for the occasion.

I found myself on my stomach with my bare bottom thrust up high on some pillows. Then he came around and showed me a leather paddle, saying that he intended to spank me with it until I agreed to give him sex!

"Noooooooo!" I wailed, struggling, but it was too late.
A stinging SMACK was suddenly delivered to one of my wriggling bare buttocks and, as I whimpered with helpless humiliation, I realised the hard way that I was about to be subjected to my very first, very long, very intense, bare bottom spanking!

I struggled hard against the cuffs but it was useless. There was no way to get away.
I couldn't deny that I maybe deserved the embarrassing spanking, nor the feelings of helplessness and silly shame as, slowly, I was forced to give way to defeat.

Finally, with my bare red buttocks all but ablaze, I whimpered helplessly, inadvertently signalling to him that my conquest was now complete and that he had won.

I felt SO defeated. Still trapped on my stomach, I gave in and spread my legs wide apart, allowing him to straddle me and take his prize. With an amused chuckle, he, and his smug look of satisfaction, soon settled into an easy rhythm, riding me from behind and reaching under to play and fondle with my dangling bare breasts.
I felt SOOOOOOO conquered ... a plaything!

However, after all my teasing, I knew that I was only receiving my just desserts.

In memory my cheeks still blaze in an embarrassed blush!

... Katie

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