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A Public Spanking for Sheila ...

Disclaimer: This story involves Male to Female spankings.

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"USAF Military Brat gets Publicly Spanked ... "

Some of you may enjoy this story; it is a little unique in my experiences at spanking naughty girls. It is the only time I have ever given someone a public spanking. I have spanked with others present but never in open public except this time.

A little background.Sheila was a real military brat. Her father was a Lt. Colonel and he and I became friends at the base Aero Club.

I started flying when I was 15 years old. My uncle Bob, the twin's father, got me to join the CAP.  He had joined after he got out of the AF and was an instructor pilot and an air search and rescue pilot. For Bob it was a way to fly without needing to own his own plane. He was always my favorite uncle and probably why I joined the AF.  I wanted to be a pilot but my vision was too poor for the military. The Col. (Sheila's father) was an instructor pilot.  I had not flown for a couple of years and needed to get re-certified and took a few hours lessons.  We became friends and he invited me to dinner with his family and I meet Sheila who was 17 at the time and a senior in High School. I was 19 and I guess she developed a crush on me as an older guy. With her dad's approval we started dating and developed a little romance that went on for about a year. I have a few stories I could tell about spanking her during the time we dated, and I may later, but this is about what happened about 3 years later. After we stopped dating she went with a good friend of mine, another Sgt named Bob and they were married. I was best man at their wedding.  I also got married about the same time.

Sheila was a cute little blond, kind of had that pixie look.  She was a real brat at times and would often lose her temper and act up when she didn't get her own way. I have to blame the Col. for that, he always called her princess and I think she tool it seriously. So here is what happened...

We were in a group that all partied together and one weekend we were at another friends house for an evening bar-b-que. I really don't know why Sheila was being so nasty, but all evening long she was irritating everyone. Smart mouth comments and little tantrums over anything, mostly not doing what Sheila wanted. She didn't like the music, the food, the drinks; bugs were biting her, and anything else that wasn't just the way she liked. Understand that this was not out of character, but on this night she was being particularly evil. As I really don't care for this type of behavior, I had made a couple of comments and pointed out that she had gone too long without being put over someone's knee. She was also drinking a bit too much and it was showing. When I declined to dance with her she got very angry and started to pout. I just ignored her and felt sorry for Bob. I felt it was his problem not mine.

A bit later I was talking with some friends when Sheila came up to us and inserted herself in our conversation, which she really knew nothing about. I pointed this out to her and she really got pissed. She turned to walk away and then quickly turned back and acting like she was throwing the remnants of a Harvey Wallbanger in the trash, tossed it all over my legs. She started talking real fast about how sorry she was, but by the tone of her voice everyone knew she had done it on purpose.  I was really mad, and was working very hard at not exploding. I looked at my friend Bob and ask, "Are you going to do something about her?" He just shrugged his shoulder and told me that when she gets like this there is not much you can do but wait for her to get over it. I told him I knew how to get her "over it" and ask if he would like me to show him. He looked at me and just said, "be my guest".

Sheila was standing there listening to our conversation, and chimed in with, "and what the hell are you going to do about it". That was it! All I said was "This!" I took her by the arm and kind of drug her to a big old chair and sat down on the arm, and while she was hollering "no you don't" and calling for Bob, I just picked her off the ground and put her over my knee. This was in the mini-skirt period and I remember she was wearing a very short little pleated mini that was yellow and white plaid with little black stripes. One quick flip and it was one her back and the crowd was greeted with a view of her nice round butt in some cute tiny black panties that looked like the were made out of gauze. She had made her wardrobe choices without knowing she was to be placed on display. She was now kicking and yelling and trying to get up, but there was no way she was going to get away. I took her wrists in one hand and pinned them to her back and with her feet off the ground all her kicking was doing was giving a great show to all the guys and gals who were now moving in for a better view of what was going on.

 Let the spanking begin, there were no soft swats and build up, and I started with full hard spanks that landed with sharp cracks as they hit her butt. I know she was feeling them because my hand was stinging from the first SWAT. At first she just screamed and yelled and after about a minute when none came to her help, she stated to bawl like a baby. I started taking my time then, giving her a SWAT about every 5 seconds while scolding her about her behavior. I wanted her to know the embarrassment of getting spanked in front of our friends and I wanted to take my time and let them enjoy the show. After a couple of more minutes, I thought she was staring to learn her lesson. She had started to stop fighting and was just crying. I was about ready to end it, and then suddenly she started kicking again and trying to get up.  More than that; she suddenly found a foul mouth and began to swear and yell very dirty phrases at the group and me. I stopped spanking to get a better grip on her.  I told her I thought she was learning her lesson, but she obviously needed a little more help to improve her attitude. Her answer was, " let me up you m##### f###er."  I was no longer mad, I was devoted to teaching her a little humility so I got a good grip on her and as she shrieked like a banshee, put her filmy little drawers around her knees, and without hesitating took up when I left off, I don't know how long it lasted but at least 2 or 3 more minutes, and that can be a long time and a lot of swats to a bare butt.  By the end, all of the fight was out of her and all she could do was sob like a 6 year old. When I stopped I had time to get my first really good look at her bare butt perched over my knee. Sheila was now the proud owner of a bright red, with a few touches of purple and a few handprints, shiny newly spanked butt. While I gazed on my fine handwork, so was everybody else.for a few moments no one said a thing, the only sound was Sheila crying.
Then someone started clapping and in an instant they all joined in. I think everyone was glad to see "the brat" get what she had needed for a long time.

 I looked up to see Bob standing a few feet away, and told him I thought he should take her into the house, let her wash her face and dry her eyes and then have a good talk with her before they come back to the party. He took my suggestion and they were gone for about thirty minutes. When he came back he was by himself and some of the girls went in to see Sheila. It goes without saying the tone of the party had changed a bit, people were still talking and having drinks, but the conversations were not quite as loud, and I know they were talking about what they had seen. After about thirty more minutes the girls came back out and Sheila was with them but acting very subdued. She was drinking a coke; I guess liquor was over for her that night.  About 10 minutes after she came back out, I was talking with a friend and Sheila walked up to us and asks if she could talk to me. I excused myself and we walked away from the group to give her a little privacy. She just stood there for a few moments with her toes pointed in and looking at her shoes, then she raised her chin and looked me in the eye and said very softly, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I threw the drink on you and I'm sorry I was acting like such a brat. You have always been nice to me and I hope you can forgive me and we can still be friends, both with Bob and me".  I looked at her and saw she was crying again.  I said, "of course I forgive you, and you and I and Bob have been friends for years and I hope we will always be friends."  I put my arms around her and gave her a hug.  In a few moments she stopped crying, looked at me and said, "Bob said it would be ok if I ask you to dance with me..if you want."   "It would be my pleasure." I walked her to the center of the patio and we danced to whatever was playing on the stereo.  A little bit into the dance, our friends gave us another little round of applause. When it ended I walked her back over to Bob. When we got there Bob put his hand out, I pushed it away and put my arm around his shoulder and told him we were way
 to good of friends to shake hands, then I put my other arm around Sheila's shoulders and pulled her in and we all hugged for a minute and talked about how good it was to be friends.

Almost nine months to the day after our party I went with Bob to the base hospital where he introduced me to little Mark and ask me to be his Godfather. Mark was my first Godson and he is of course now a fine man and like his father, grandfather and godfather a member of the USAF. That was the only time I ever spanked a girl in public and I'm pretty proud of the results. Bob and Sheila are retired and live in Texas. We see each other every few years; we still send cards and lately some emails. I think I will send them a copy of this, I know they would not mind my posting it..the chief

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