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A Tale of Two Whippings ...

Note: This story involves female to male spanking.

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" Mistress proudly showed her new weapon ... "

I get punished regularly. Always secured to spanking bench, sometimes blindfolded and sometimes gagged, especially if I'm to be caned once my bum has been already been soundly strapped or tawsed.

A week or so ago, Mistress said she had sent for and gotten a new strap - and I was to get the first taste of it at 3pm. I repored to the punishment room promptly at 3 and Mistress proudly showed her new weapon. It's called a Reform School strap and it is 20" long by 3 wide about !/4" thick and has 6 holes in the blade. The leather even after oiling was very stiff. Mistress, after securing me said she thought 24 strokes, 12 from each side of the bench should be a good test and would I please ask for the first one. I did and it was given. Oh wow, I thought how am ever going to take 24!
I saw in the video later that, because of the width of the strap, after just 3 whacks my bum was red all over and after 12 it was swollen as if I'd had 24 from the tawse.

At the 15th I started to cry out rather than just grunting with each crack and for the last six I was begging her to stop (which generally earns me extras) but she said 24 was enough for today and would I like to thank her for getting this nice strap for me.
I managed to that and after she released me I went to the mirror to look at my poor ass. It was a deep purple and so tender to touch but I saw and felt the ridges it made where strokes overlapped. But if I thought this was bad wait untill I recount the next time I got a dose of the Reform School strap!

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