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The Atonement ...

Disclaimer: This story involves age-play and past spanking.

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"Sometimes a spanking goes a long way to helping us forgive ourselves, which can be more important than forgiveness from others."

It was really a bad day at school today and there was no one for me to talk to.
My parents were in their own little world and my friends lived pretty far away, not within walking or bicycling distance, for sure. So, after doing my homework, I went outside to shoot baskets. If my next door neighbor wanted to be disturbed, he would hear me shooting baskets in the driveway and appear outside for awhile to talk. We would sit at his patio table and talk, it was safe from anyone else hearing our conversation. He was safe to talk to and was interested in the things that were of interest to me. I had found out that his nickname was "Godmother" and he told me that I really needed one and he would be it. So, I had a guy for a godmother and I readily accepted that for I knew I needed his guidance.
Godmother had given me my first spanking when I had accidentally scratched his beloved Harley. It was carelessness on my part and I had felt so terrible about it. He had taken me over his knee, bared my bottom and spanked me like a little girl. It was embarrassing, but he wasn’t out to humiliate me, just punish me for behavior that was far beneath my 16 years. To this day, he had never mentioned it again and I knew he had forgiven me for scratching his bike long before he gave me the spanking. He spanked me so that I would feel punished, forgive myself for the incident, and be free of guilt. His method had worked and I was a believer in his discipline methods. My behavior at school today was worse than anything I had ever done and I wasn’t even sure Godmother could fix this one. However, I did know he would listen to me and I really needed that right now.
A low whistle penetrated the air and it was my signal that Godmother was outside waiting on me. I rolled my basketball against the fence and went to his backyard, moving with the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. He had fixed two glasses of iced water and I was thirsty after my half-hour workout. Sitting down, I greedily drank half the glass and sat there staring at the glass.
“Young lady,” he began, “you have something on your mind that you need to tell me.” Not moving my eyes away from the glass, it was uncanny how he just knew things. The tears started welling in my eyes as I searched for a way to tell him about my awful behavior.
“Oh, Godmother,” I sobbed, “I was terrible to my favorite teacher today at school. He was trying to help me with math word problems and I exploded at him. I just couldn’t figure out what the problems were asking and he kept trying to help me. When I gave up, he still wanted me to try just a little harder and I called him a jackass. He didn’t say anything to me; he just walked away with a sad look on his face. I felt so terrible.”
Listening to me intently, Godmother replied in an even tone of voice, “That was very wrong of you to resort to name calling because you got frustrated with your math. Did you tell him you were sorry?”
It hadn’t dawned on me to say anything after watching the teacher walk away.
“No, sir, I didn’t,” answering Godmother’s question.
“You called him a jackass and then you didn’t even apologize, is this what you are telling me?” asked Godmother.
“Yes, sir,” was all I could manage to say in my misery.
“Bring me this teacher’s name and phone number and be quick about it,” were my directions from Godmother.
Five minutes later, I had handed Godmother the phone number and he had gone inside to call my teacher. It seemed like he was taking forever to talk to my teacher. Sitting down to the table, Godmother had a grim look on his face and I knew I was in big trouble. My bottom started clenching and unclenching and had a tingly feeling. A spanking was in order and I knew it sure as I was sitting there.
“Your teacher is a very nice man and was deeply hurt by your behavior, as you well know,” Godmother began. “Tell your mother that I will drive you to school tomorrow because you have to be there an hour early and I can take you. You will receive your punishment at school before all the kids arrive and your teacher will be there. You can tell him then how badly you behaved and how sorry you are for getting mad when he was trying to help you,” Godmother said this like it was the most natural thing to be done.
My mind was spinning; I was going to be spanked at school in front of my favorite teacher. Greenbury had a no corporal punishment policy, so I knew Godmother was going to spank me, which, strangely, I found comforting.
Thanking Godmother for helping me with this, I left and went home for dinner and then to my room where, after countless thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.

Too soon, the alarm clock jolted me out of bed. My clean uniform was already laid out, a shirt and a pleated jumper. Slowly, I climbed into my clothes, drank some orange juice for breakfast, and gathered my books. My feet felt like lead as I walked next door. Godmother was waiting for my on his front porch and he had a long carrying case next to him. We got in the car and drove to Greenbury in silence. Instinct told me that this spanking was going to be a lot different than the last one Godmother had given me. Little did I know how right I would be.
My teacher, Mr. Young, was waiting in his office when we arrived. I had started to cry, which had blurred my vision and Godmother had taken my hand and led me to Mr. Young’s office. The two men introduced themselves. The tears continued to stream down my face, their saltiness trickling over my trembling lips.
Godmother turned to me, “Young lady, what do have to say for yourself?”
Managing to find my voice, I knew what all I had to say, “Mr. Young, I am so sorry I got angry yesterday and called you a bad name. Godmother, will give me a spanking so that I will be forgiven for my rude behavior?”
Mr. Young said, “take your punishment and this will be the end of it, there will be no further actions taken against you.”
At this point, Godmother reached into his carrying case and produced a medium sized paddle. Seeing the paddle, I broke down and cried even more. My eyes now puffy and blurred by my rivers of remorse, I only felt that I had been moved out into the middle of the hallway. A strong arm on the middle of my back bent me forward so that I instinctively placed my hands on both of me knees for support. I was stuck in this position with my bottom jutting out. All of a sudden, in one motion, the back of my jumper was lifted and my panties went to my knees. I let out a surprised “oh” and tried to move away, but the strong arm on my back held me in place.
CRACK ... went the paddle into my tender white bottom. I shrieked in surprise and anguish. The burning sensation made me cry harder and my tears were rapidly forming puddles on the floor. CRACK ... went the paddle again. My tender bottom stung like hell and I was beside myself with pain. It burned terribly, like a hot iron. CRACK, the noise from the paddle was deafening in the empty hallway and it made my paddling seem that much worse. THWACK, the force made me take a tiny step forward and I could feel my bottom still jiggling from the force. THWACK, the sound echoed in the hallway and I knew my bottom was brilliant red, it was burning and it felt scalded. I remained bent over and felt my dress fall on my inflamed bottom. Godmother told me to stand up as he squatted in front of me. My hands were covering my face as I cried my heart out.
Very gently, Godmother pulled my panties up over my swollen, tender bottom and I was allowed to stand up. He hugged me for a minute then turned me around to face Mr. Young. Through the tears, I told Mr. Young how sorry I was and that I would never let my temper get out of control again.
Graciously, Mr. Young told me, “You have been punished and I see that you are very sorry. Tomorrow will be a new day and we can start fresh, go home now and rest up. We shall see what for tomorrow brings when it comes.”
Godmother took my hand and led me to his car. There, in the front passenger seat, was a pillow for me to sit on. Despite his harshness, Grandmother could show immence kindness and I was extremely grateful. Shortly, we arrived back at Godmother’s house. I was very sore and worn out.
Godmother turned on the TV and cut the volume down low so I had to strain to hear it. He said that I would stay at his house until school was over. He would tell my mother that he had picked me up from school. Again I was grateful that he would not need to inform my mother of my ordeal. Spying the couch, I laid down in front of the TV on my side, careful not to make contact with my tender bottom. Still, not comfortable, I rolled onto my stomach just to make sure that my bottom was protected. Godmother came over and crouched next to me. He told me how proud he was that I had taken my paddling so well.
“You will see tomorrow that all is forgiven and forgotten”, he whispered.
My eyes were feeling very heavy and I began to fall asleep. A sleep that is only known to a well-spanked little girl. The last thing I remember was a soft, light blanket gently being placed over me as I murmured, “thank you, Godmother.”.

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