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The Swimming Lesson ...

Note: This is a Male-Female CP Story.

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"Dane looked at Cassandra's bright red cheeks ... "

Cassandra stretched as she lay next to Dane. The evening has been an erotic and intense. Dane was a strong and dominant lover, and he knew exactly what Cassnadra needed and how to deliver it! Even after a night of intense lovemaking Cassandra was full of energy; she just had to get out and move!
Quietly, she slipped out of bed and dressed in her bathing suit. Grabbing a towel, she silently left the room and made her way to the pool room. Cassandra could barely conceal her disappointmnet when the door to the pool was locked. She was about to leave when she saw the maintenance man coming toward her.
"Could you let me into the pool room?" she asked seductively.
"Sorry, ma'am, but the pool opens at 10:00 a.m."
Cassandra laughed. "Ma'am? Oh please, I won't tell anyone." she begged as she slid her suit strap down.
"Well, alright. But you are responsible for any accidents, got it?"
"Oh yes!" she replied as she scampered into the pool room. Setting aside her towel, she jumped into the warm water, completing thirty laps. Feeling refreshed and ready for anything, Cassandra returned to the room.
Dane was waiting for her and not at all happy to see that she was dripping wet.
"Where have you been?" he demanded.
"I just went swimming is all," Cassandra replied.
Dane narrowed his eyes. Cassandra wasn't one to lie, but what she said could not be true. "The pool doesn't open until 10:00 a.m., Cassandra. How were you able to go swimming?"
Cassandra smiled. "I asked to be let in and the maintenance man let me have the pool to myself."
Dane did not smile. "Cassandra, that is dangerous and stupid. You could have drowned and no one would have had any idea where you were!"
"I do know how to swim, Dane," came Cassandra's sassy reply.
Dane shook his head. He clearly had to teach her a lesson. She just did not understand the dangers. He got up and grabbed her firmly by the arm, moving her towards a dresser where he pulled a plywood paddle from one of the drawers.
"Dane ... No. Not again! You are overreacting!" Cassandra protested.
Dane sat down pulling Cassandra over his knee. She tried to get up but he crossed his leg over hers and pushed her down. Her bottom was in the air, the suit still wet. He would make her realize the error of her ways. "Cassandra, you will receive 20 spanks. If you resist, then you will be further punished. Understand?"
Cassandra said nothing. She would not cry, he could NOT make her cry!
THWACK! down came the first spank.
Cassandra jumped, but true to her word, she said nothing. The paddling continued. Cassandra remainded silent. Dane raised the paddle higher and came down harder. Dane could hear Cassandra's soft sobs. The last five were the hardest spanks yet.
Dane slowly let Cassandra up. Her lower lip quivered, her eyes filled with tears but her eyes showed haughty defiance. "I am going to take a shower now," she said and strode into the bathroom.
Dane realized that Cassandra had learned nothing at all. She needed additional discipline. Without hesitation he made his way to the dressed and pulled out "The Strap," a piece of leather that he had purchased at a farm auction. He had worked the leather until it was supple. The strap was a quarter inch thick, four inches wide and nearly two feet long, and for his ease of use, a handle of polished oak that had he had fashioned and bolted to the strap.
Dane walked into the steamy bathroom, removed his boxers and entered the shower. Cassandra's back was to him, and as she turned to face him, he quickly bent her over and ordered, "Hold onto to the edge of the tub, Cassandra. Your lesson is not yet over!"
Cassandra saw the strap as the warm shower water pelted her. She had never seen Dane so angry before and she shivered a little, but not from the cold. Dane looked at Cassandra's bright red cheeks, and raised the strap. He brought it down hard, and she howled in pain and tried to stand and cover her bare bottom. Dane grabbed her hands and held them firmly behind her back as he forced her to bend over again. He raised the strap, he was going to give her the whipping she needed.
Cassandra howled in pain as Dane completed the first ten strokes. He stopped only long enough to admire her feiry red and welt laced bottom. Then he spanked her again and again and again, she sobbed hysterically, begging him to stop, but he knew she hadn't learned yet.
At twenty spanks, Cassandra was nearly hoarse from screaming and crying and still fighting her punishment. He would not stop until she learned her lesson. With a quick flick of the wrist, he turned the wet side of the strap over and brought it down hard on her purple and welted bottom.
Between gasps, Cassandra begged, "! p-p-p-please! I-I-I p-pr-pr-promise n-not to ever-owww! oh! stop! I-I-I won't g-g-go sw-sw-swimming a-a-again without y-your per-permission! oww! ahhhhh! oh Dane! p-p-please!"
On the thirty-fith and final swat, he stopped. Gently he massaged Cassandra's blistered and tortured bottom. He straightened her up and turn her to face him.
Through her tears she saw his care and concern for her. Dane gently kissed her and brought her closer to him. She felt his hardness and knew that he still wanted her and she knew that he cared for her welfare.
Dane sat down on the edge of the tub and sat Cassandra on his lap facing him. He could feel her heat and her desire. Dane smiled. The sweet release of their pent up passion was about to begin where the spanking left off.

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