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My Trips to the Woodshed ...

Note: This story involves age-play.

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" I never thought Mrs Allen was going to beat the living hell out of me ... "

Growing up I was thrashed often by my mother and everybody always knew it because they, the neighbors, could hear all as our windows were often open!

I remember when I was 14 years old, I had asked for a BB air rifle for my B-day. My mother told me she knew I would shoot out windows but my easy going father bought one for me anyway. Well mom was right, the first night I found myself hanging out my bedroom window shooting out windows in the neighborhood, well to my surprise the lady next door saw me and caught me.

Mrs Allen really was mad and was asked me what I thought she should do. Of course I said I didn't know she told me she was aware of all my trips to the shed for a beating with a switch and strap by mom so she told me she was going to tell her. I begged her not to and told her I would do anything if she didn't. So she told me maybe she should spank me! This was exciting to me so I agreed. Mrs Allen made me cut a peach tree switch and get the strap mom used and told me to come over to her house. The switch and strap was far from a spanking. Nobody was home at either house and I never thought that Mrs Allen was going to beat the living hell out of me but was I ever surprised!
She first put two kitchen chairs back to back and made me place my knees on one and bend over the backs, then she tied my hands and feet with neck ties and proceeded to let me have it with the strap. At least 40 times that leather cracked over my bare ass, which I thought was on fire. I started to get loud so she took a pair of her panties and stuffed them into my mouth. Next was that nasty peach switch, about the size and thickness of a Dragon Cane she proceeded to deliver a dozen strokes, after which I thought she was finished she picked up the strap again and thrashed me until I was past red to black n blue and she told me I had another switching to bare.

I don't know how many more she gave me but my skin was broken and bleeding. However, this was the first time I ever got a boner and me and Mrs. Allen had several more sessions together and then, if that wasn't enough, come to find out MOM HAD KNOWN ALL ALONG!
I had several sessions with both moms when I was between the ages of 14 & 18 and remember all of them all to well. What a pleasure to be switched and or caned by two ladies at the same time. I still have the marks to remind and this was the begining of my pleasure of being submissive to a lady with a strap and cane.

I have more stories to share and this is the first time I have ever written about this. I'm now a pleasant 52 years old and a sound beating from grown ups when I was a kid was very common place.

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