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Unexpected .. Damn I was Wet! ...

Disclaimer: This story involves a personal spanking encounter!

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" I woke up to a stranger spanking me over his knee! ... "

Ok, so one day I was walking home from the post office. It was Saturday.
There is a path through the woods, so being the shorter of the two routes, I decided to take it. There's a house you have to go by. I didn't think anyone lived there.
On my way home it began to rain, hard. I didn't want my mail to get wet, so I began to run. As I came up to the house I made a quick decision. I ran inside. The house was beautifull! - It seemed empty enough so I set my mail on the counter in the kitchen and began exploring. I came to the upstairs. I was drenched in water and so tired. I went into a bedroom, which I'm guessing was the master suite, and being soaked through I took off all my clothes. It felt weird, since it wasn't my house, but I just sat there on the bed, on top of the sheets. Unintentionally I fell into a deep sleep.
I woke up to a stranger spanking me over his knee! I was a virgin back then, but I knew that wouldn't last long. I liked it, I even loved it. He spanked me with his bare hand for what seemed like hours. I yelled and moaned, but I did not resist.
Oh, yes, I was soooo wet. He got on top of me and spanked me harder.
Other stuff happened too, but this site is for spanking, so I'll keep that to myself.

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