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My Visit to Mistress Bridget ...

Note: This story also involves foot-fetish.

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"She told me to pull down my underwear and expose myself ... "

I went to Mistress Bridget to live out a fantasy of foot worship and over the knee spanking. It was based on childhood experiences with a teacher and a friend's mother. My teacher would frequently teach in her stocking feet (hence the foot fetish) and a friend's mom once threatened to put me across her knee for what would have been a painful experience (although she never did). So, for 35 years I have been interested in women's feet and had wondered what that not-received over the knee spanking would have been like.
In my emails to Mistress Bridget I had requested foot worship and over the knee spankings while she was wearing only stockings and also with her wearing thong sandals. She graciously agreed to accept my request and I was instructed to meet her at her condo. As I walked up the steps, my heart was racing and my breath was short. Would I soon fulfill my fantasy…be across her knees, gazing at her feet, and having my bare bottom spanked? I wondered what her feet looked like. I wondered how hard she would spank me and how much it would hurt. I wondered if I could take the pain that was surely to follow (this was especially important as I had asked about her policy of allowing her subs the pleasure of release at the end of the session. I was told that if I was good and took my punishment well, she would allow it).
After being shown to her room and instructed to sit on a chair, I waited and looked around. I saw pictures from her website and many instruments of punishment. I wondered if I would soon experience them. After a few minutes, Mistress Bridget entered the room. I immediately noticed that she was lovelier in person than the pictures on her website convey. She was petite, wearing a dress that was low-cut and accentuated her bosom. At my request, her legs were in dark stockings and she wore a pair of high heels. Her voice was soft, yet firm. I obeyed her commands without hesitation.
She sat down on the bed. Mistress Bridget started by commanding me to look only at her feet during the session. She scolded me, telling me that she had threatened to spank me, and that she would soon make good on her threats. She instructed me to take off my jacket and then lay over her knees on the bed. She spanked me with her hand over my jeans, giving me my first sensation of what was to come. Afterwards she directed me to sit at her feet. I looked at her stocking feet in the high heels. She dangled the shoes off of her feet, letting me see her heels. I finally asked to remove her shoes to look at her feet. Getting her permission, I slowly uncovered her feet. Through the stockings, they were small and perfectly shaped. Mistress Bridget allowed me to caress and massage them, and finally I asked to suck on her toes. When she agreed, I started to lick her toes and suck on them. Her feet were small enough to allow me to put her entire foot in my mouth.
I proceeded with foot worship for a number of minutes until Mistress Bridget commanded me to get up and undress down to my underwear. She then told me to select a paddle from her collection for my punishment. I had requested as much punishment as possible without leaving marks (discretion was important), and asked her about the best paddle to accomplish this. At her suggestion, I picked a leather paddle, long and not very wide. She took the paddle and then pulled me across her knees on the bed and spanked me with it while I looked at her stocking feet. She alternated between both sides of my bottom and built up a warm sensation as she spanked me.
After that spanking, she directed me to sit at her feet again. I asked her permission to take off her stockings so I could finally see her bare feet. She started removing her stockings, than let me take them down from just above her knee. Her thighs and legs were silky smooth as I removed the stockings. As I slowly uncovered her feet, I paused to catch my breath before I uncovered her toes. I slowly bared them, savoring the view. Her toes were small and perfectly shaped. They were natural, with no polish. I asked her permission to suck on her bare feet and she allowed me to. I proceeded with foot worship on both her bare feet, moving from one foot to the other, holding them together in front of me, licking them, starting with her heels and sucking on her toes until she directed me to put the thong sandals on her feet.
Mistress Bridget then told me to get up. She sat down in a chair, and told me that she was going to put me over her knee and spank me again. She then sat back and directed me to lie down over her knees. I remember looking at her bare thighs as I bent over and went across her lap. As I lay there, I looked at her feet in the sandals. After more scolding and describing what she was going to do, she started spanking me with the paddle on my underwear. After ten or twenty licks with the paddle, she stopped and pulled my underwear down below my bottom.
I was living my wildest dreams. I was over her knees, looking at her beautiful sandaled feet, and about to receive the bare-bottomed spanking that I had fantasized about for years. I was not disappointed. She spanked me with both her hand and the paddle, varying the speed and firmness of the smacks. She would also occasionally rub her hand over my bottom in a circular motion to sooth me and allow me to take more licks. During the spanking, she allowed me to caress her feet and she would occasionally raise her left foot to allow me to better see her feet. She must have given me fifty to sixty licks over her knees, bringing my bottom to a crimson blush and giving me a warm, stinging sensation.
After the spanking, Mistress Bridget commanded me to sit on the floor at her feet. She told me to pull down my underwear and expose myself to her, which I did. She then directed me to stroke myself. As I did so, she asked whether I would like a lubricant. I said that I would and she quickly produced some and allowed me to coat myself. As I continued masturbating, Mistress Bridget took off the sandals and began to stroke me with her feet. She moved her feet the entire length of my erection and as she did so I asked her about other fantasies that she had entertained. She told me about some other fetishes that she enjoyed and I thought that I might like to return and try some of them.
As I got closer to climax, Mistress Bridget asked the question that I had hardly dared to hope for…would I like to cum on her feet? I immediately agreed. She stopped stroking me, sat back in the chair, and held both her feet in front of me. I got to my knees and began to masturbate again as she watched. As I approached climax, I moved next to her feet. Then I came…ejaculating over both her feet, stroking myself and rubbing the end of my erection on her feet as I did so.
After I was finished she let me rest myself on her feet to catch my breath. I then got some moist towelettes that I had brought and cleaned off her feet. When I had cleaned them off, she left me to clean myself up and get dressed. After a few minutes, she returned and gave me a warm hug before I left. I remember that her hair had a wonderful faint fragrance, as did her perfume. She told me she hoped that I enjoyed myself and that she would see me again if I desired to. I hope she will allow me to come back…

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