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Wants and Needs ...

Disclaimer: This story involves age-play and past spankings.

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"Anne Willow has a most curious request for her headmistress ... "

The intercom buzzed.
"Yes, Marion?"
"Miss Anne Willow to see you, Mrs. Alcott."
Ah, young Miss Willow. "Send her in."
The door to the office opened and in walked Anne Willow. Mrs. Alcott, headmistress for the school, always had time for a student of Anne's caliber. Anne would be the only one of her class graduating with the honor of being the only girl never to be either punished or warned in her entire school life. Mrs. Alcott customarily awarded pins to these girls as a token of her admiration. Very few pins, however, were given out at each graduation.
"Yes, Anne, what can I do for you? All ready for your big day?"
"Yes, ma'am, and that's what I wished to discuss."
"Well, go ahead."
"Uh, well, ma'am...well..."
"Come, come, out with it."
"Well, ma'am, in all my years of schooling, I have never been in here for a paddling or a caning."
"Yes, Anne, I know. If fact, because of that, you'll be receiving a pin upon your graduation."
"Yes, ma'am, I had heard, and I appreciate the pin, but..."
Mrs. Alcott furrowed her brow. What was this about? Had Anne done something that she hadn't confessed to in all these years? She asked Anne as much.
"Oh, no, ma'am. Much as I wish I had."
"Excuse me?"
"Well, ma'am, all throughout school, I've heard the stories of the other girls who had to come in here and be punished. I've always wondered what it felt like."
Mrs. Alcott laughed. "I'd imagine it felt painful. In fact, I remember my days in school. I can assure you that it is indeed a painful experience."
"Ma'am, may I speak frankly?"
"Of course."
Anne drew in a breath and let it out with a shuddering sigh. "You see, ma'am, all my life I have been of good behavior. In fact, my parents have told me that I was only given a spank on the rump once when I was three years old, so I don't remember it. Never once after that was I in any sort of trouble, either here or at home. I have never wanted to be, in fact. But I've always wondered what the cane felt like. My mother told me all sorts of stories from her schooldays, but that only fired my imagination."
Mrs. Alcott just sat there, taking it all in. What was this leading to?
"And, well, ma'am...oh, how should I say this?"
Mrs. Alcott finally saw what Anne was getting at.
"I think I see. You want me to give you a caning, is that right?"
Anne clasped her hands and sighed gratefully. "Yes, ma'am. I thought of doing something naughty in order to be sent to you, but I know my parents would be terribly disappointed if I didn't receive that pin. They've been informing all of the relatives of my good standing."
"Well, it's better that you came to me with it in this fashion than by deliberately breaking a rule and bringing disgrace upon yourself. Fine, I'll be happy to oblige you. It's a rather unusual request, but since you have been an exceptional student, I would be most happy to grant you this 'gift.'"
"Thank you, Mrs. Alcott."
"Oh, don't thank me, Anne. Are you truly sure that you know what it is that you are asking me to do?"
"Oh yes, ma'am. I realize that it's going to hurt and that I'll have marks, but, well..."
"I think I understand. How many strokes should I deliver?"
Anne's face screwed up in thought. She hadn't expected it to get this far. She hadn't really thought about it.
"What's the most you've ever done?"
Mrs. Alcott was taken aback. First because she really didn't know the answer to the question, and second because she couldn't believe that Anne was asking her to deliver a most devastating amount of strikes.
"I'm not sure. If you really want to know, I'll have to ask Marion to bring in the book."
"That's fine, ma'am."
It was her last day of school anyway, so it didn't really matter if the secretary knew of this or not. Mrs. Alcott touched the intercom. "Marion, could you bring the punishment book in here, please?"
A moment later, Marion walked through the door. She wore a shocked expression. Never had Anne Willow been sent in for punishment.
Mrs. Alcott noticed her expression. "Young Miss Willow, here, has made a request of me. A rather unusual request, but one that I am going to grant." She glanced at the wall clock. "I realize that this is the time that you usually leave, but could you please stay? I think that I'll need your assistance."
Marion frowned a moment, but said, "Of course. What's this about?"
Mrs. Alcott told Marion of Anne's request. Marion was shocked at first, but then she giggled a little.
"Funny thing, that. I was just like her throughout my school years. Never once was I called in for a session with the headmistress. Of course I didn't ask my headmistress to lay it on my backside. But I did ask my Aunt to do it. I, too, was curious as to the feeling. I dare say, I certainly found out what it was like to receive a most thorough caning. Hurt like the devil, it did, but I was most gratified for the experience."
Mrs. Alcott laughed. Well, it certainly was a day for revelations. She open the book and quickly perused the contents. "Ah, this is probably the worst of them. I laid on fourteen strikes to the bare backside of a young woman in her final year. I remember that she had been caught stealing. Normally I would have expelled her for such an offense and informed the authorities because it was such a large theft, but since she had never been in to see me before, I gave her the choice of fourteen to the bare or expulsion and possible incarceration."
Anne was shocked by this. Fourteen strikes was an incredibly high number. And to the bare, at that. She had promised herself that if she went through with the asking part then she would ask for the worst ever dealt out by Mrs. Alcott. She expected to find that Mrs. Alcott had delivered eight or so at one time. None of the girls she knew had ever received more than three.
She nerved herself up. If she was going to go through with it, she would go all they way. "That would be sufficient, ma'am."
"What? Do you know what fourteen will do to you? You'll have marks for over a month and it will probably take you as long to sit again."
"I realize that, ma'am. I asked for the caning so that I could experience it and remember it for the rest of my life. I think that fourteen strikes will certainly take care of those requirements."
"On the bare?" questioned Mrs. Alcott, cocking one eyebrow.
Anne tensed up a little, sure she was going to regret her decision, but she forced herself to relax. "To the fullest ... And on the bare, ma'am."
Mrs. Alcott glanced helplessly at Marion. Marion shrugged as if to say, "well, she asked for it." Mrs. Alcott thought that this was pure foolishness. Three or four would have given Anne the experience she wanted, but she had said that she would be happy to grant Anne's request.
"Well, I think you'll change your mind after a couple of whacks."
"Oh, no, ma'am" begged Anne almost breathlessly, "I don't want you to stop until I've received them all. Good and proper like. ... No matter what I say."
"Are you certain of what you're asking?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"And how will you explain all of this to your parents?"
"I've already spoken to my mother. She was a bit disturbed about the whole idea at first, but she finally agreed that I couldn't very well punish my own children someday if I didn't have a proper appreciation for what that punishment meant. She said that she would explain it to father."
Mrs. Alcott was stunned. She asked Marion to escort Anne into her office for a bit. When they had left, Mrs. Alcott got Anne's parent's number from her files. Mrs. Willow confirmed that Anne had spoken to her about it and that she had agreed to talk to Anne's father. Mrs. Alcott informed Anne's mother as to exactly how many strikes Anne requested, but Mrs. Willow said that if Anne wanted them, then deliver them in the hardest possible fashion.
"I can't say that I truly understand her request for you to punish her, but if that's what she wants, then make sure that she never forgets her punishment."
Mrs. Alcott hung up and called Marion and Anne back in.
"Well, Anne, if we're going to do this then it's going to be in proper form. Marion, didn't you assist in the caning of the Prescott girl?"
Marion thought about it for a moment. "The one who got the fourteen? Yes. As I recall, you requested that I hold her down until she had received all of them."
"Yes. Well, I want you to hold Anne, here. I know she'll want to stop after one, but her mother gave me permission to do this, so Anne will get all fourteen."
Anne was worried, but at the same time relieved. She was glad that Mrs. Alcott was going to go through with it and wondered just what her mother had said.
Mrs. Alcott took on a stern visage. "Young lady. We don't allow misbehavior at this school anymore than it is allowed in your home. You have been sent here to receive a proper education and proper discipline. Sometimes discipline must take the form of physical punishment. It is why you are here. What you have done is shameful, both to this school and to yourself. What do you have to say for this?"
Anne drew herself to attention. She knew the routine, even if she had never had to go through it before. "Ma'am, I deserve whatever punishment you see fit to give me."
"And so you shall receive that punishment. What you have done merits the worst possible punishment that I can possibly give out. I realize that you have never been sent to me before, but this action cannot and will not be tolerated. Normally young ladies who misbehave are given a light sentence for their first caning. I'm afraid that what you have done cannot allow your first experience in front of me to be an easy one. It is my judgement that you will receive fourteen of the best strikes that I can give out. Furthermore, due to the nature of your misconduct, all fourteen strikes will be received on the bare and unprotected backside. Do you have anything to say before I carry out this sentence?"
"No ma'am."
"Then we shall proceed."
Marion wanted to giggle. This was the same speech, word for word, that Mrs. Alcott had delivered to Lisa Prescott all those years ago. In fact, unknowingly, Anne had given the exact responses that Lisa had given then. Mrs Prescott went to her cabinet and retrieved the cane. It was made of rattan and it delivered quite a blow. She still had a few misgivings about this, but since Anne's mother had agreed to it, then Anne would certainly get the full measure.
"Turn around and bend over the desk, young lady."
Anne hurriedly turned and bent over Mrs. Alcott's spacious desk. She gripped the far edge and awaited her punishment.
"Marion, would you be so kind as to hold young Anne firmly in the receiving position for the duration of her punishment?"
Marion moved to the far side of the desk and tool a good hold on Anne.
Mrs. Alcott stepped out of character for just a moment. "Anne, I know that this is going to hurt you terribly. It's alright to cry out if you need to. But since your mother has agreed to this and even given me instructions as to how to carry it out, I'm not going to stop or relax a single stroke once I've begun. You'll receive all fourteen as if you were in here to be corrected for some truly nasty misdeed."
"I understand, ma'am. Please continue."
Mrs. Alcott shrugged. She had given the warning. Anne could have backed out of it. Since she chose to remain, Mrs. Alcott would deliver it as she would have done to any other student deserving of such a terrible punishment. Anne would certainly know what it was to be sent to Mrs. Alcott for a good dose of the cane. Mrs. Alcott lifted Anne's skirt and pinned it well above her hips. Next she pulled Anne's panties down to her knees.
"You have a good hold?" she asked Marion as she stepped into place to deliver the first of many painful blows. Marion nodded.
Well, that was that. There was no turning back now. Anne was about to receive a most thorough learning experience. Mrs. Alcott hoped that she appreciated it because she was going to pay dearly for her request.
Swishhh ... CRACK!!!!!
Anne let out a high pitched cry at the first strike. Never had she imagined such pain. She knew that it was going to hurt and she thought she had prepared herself for whatever was to come. But when that cane landed on her poor bare backside, it was about a hundred times worse than she had ever dreamed. Suddenly fourteen strikes didn't sound like a good idea after all.
CRACK!!!!! My Lord! That was only two. It seemed that she had been there for years. She let out another yelp, punctuated with a series of OW!'s. CRACK!!!!! Three! She had over four times that left. Her cries were becoming more shrill. She tried to pull out of Marion's grasp, but the secretary held her down with a surprising strength. CRACK!!!!!
"No more, please! I've had enough!"
Mrs. Alcott had been waiting for this. She had predicted it from the beginning. But Anne had wanted this, so she was going to receive all fourteen whether she liked it or not. CRACK!!!!!
Anne started to bawl like a first year student. She cried out again for Mrs. Alcott to stop. Mrs. Alcott informed her that fourteen was requested and fourteen would be delivered. CRACK!!!!! Mrs. Alcott was delivering each blow with all of her strength. It was a silly request in the first place. Since Anne seemed so enamored with the thought of a caning, Mrs. Alcott felt it her duty to point out just what a horrible punishment it actually was. CRACK!!!!! Anne was shrieking constantly and bawling uncontrollably now. She wanted it stopped. She hadn't ever imagined it would be as bad as this. She had seen herself as taking the caning in a calm manner. She would receive each strike and calmly await the next. It wasn't supposed to be like this. CRACK!!!!!
Marion was feeling sorry for Anne. She remembered what it had been like when her own Auntie had graciously obliged her and taken the cane to her bare bum. She remembered that she had thought that she would receive it as if the pain meant nothing. How wrong she had been. Her aunt had given her six of her best. By the end of the session, Marion was a wreck. Well, Anne would certainly remember this session for the rest of her life.
Mrs. Alcott was being quite thorough. She could see the welts of each previous strike. Anne thought she was in pain now, but wait until Mrs. Alcott started striking each of the previous welts. CRACK!!!!! Anne couldn't possibly take any more. Her bottom was on fire at this moment. Never had anything hurt as bad as this. She had once received a greenstick break to her arm, but the pain of that was nothing when compared to what was happening now. She begged for release, but Mrs. Alcott ignored her and kept delivering the blows one right after another. CRACK!!!!!
Mrs. Alcott delivered each blow as hard as she had done the first. Anne was certainly going to learn how misbehavior was rewarded. She paused ten seconds between each blow to allow Anne's consciousness to fully register the pain.
Mrs. Alcott remembered Lisa Prescott's caning quite well. She had forgotten it until she again read it in the book and that had brought the memory back full force. She remembered that Prescott had pleaded for mercy from the outset. By the time ten strikes had been delivered, Prescott had begged to be expelled. Mrs. Alcott had ignored her, too.
Anne was held in position for the entire fourteen strikes. Anne had received each one as hard as Mrs. Alcott was able to deliver them. For the final blow, Mrs. Alcott had even taken a few steps back to launch her attack, delivering a most vicious strike plumb in the centre and right across both of Anne's bare cheeks.
Marion continued to hold Anne in place for about twenty minutes after the last blow had landed. She did this for two reasons. First, Lisa Prescott had taken about that long to calm down! ... And second, holding Anne in place kept Anne from soothing her extensively damaged bottom or opening the raised welts now forming.
Mrs. Alcott had ordered this with Lisa Prescott and Marion felt that the added length of pain would cause Anne to remember this beating for a long time to come. Finally, Anne stopped crying and Marion let her up. Anne tried to pull her panties back in place, but it was much too painful to pull them over her blistered bottom. Also, her bum had swollen to immense size and the panties fit too tightly now.
With some trepidation, she reached in and felt her raw backside. Her touch caused instant pain, but it also felt good. Now she knew exactly what a true whipping felt like. She gingerly traced a finger over the series of welts.
Mrs. Alcott had indeed been correct. It would be a very long time before sitting down comfortably was a realistic possibility.
"Mrs. Alcott, I just want to say thank you for giving me this caning. I now see why it is so effective a deterrent for misbehavior in the school."
Mrs Alcott smiled. Perhaps, if Anne had truly learned something from the experience, it hadn't been such a silly request after all...

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