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Webmasters & Mistresses may exchange banner links with this website absolutely free!!
Mutual exchanges are welcome from ALL types of domains, not only adult and spanking sites!

Your banner, URL and text description will be linked to not just one, but numerous highly-viewed pages!!

This is NOT a Top-100 .. I physically embed all links as html so they get read and spidered by search engines.
Your banner will also be added to my links pages, plus Reader Images, Stories, Video Upload pages and more!
Plus you'll be added to numerous other pages, (including my A-Z of links), and given top-spot as my Latest Link!
Your link not only includes your banner to entice new visitors, but also a full description of your site's content.
Your banner will also be added to the random banners which appear at the base of my most popular webpages!
Your banner will also be added at the foot of the Mistress, Master & Slave Directory, plus my Photo-Profiles!

   ... And all I ask in exchange is that you place my banner on your site at least once, as described below.
To add your website's banner and URL to my
site, just complete these TWO simple steps:

First Create Your Link Back to BottomMarks:

Exchanging links with BottomMarks is totally free!! - All I ask is you return the gesture and link back to me.
So, the first thing you need to do is create a link back to me on your website. The link must be placed in a good position where it is easily seen by your guests. Ideally it should be on your main Index page, or within 3 clicks or less thereof if you prefer to place it inside your site. My basic rule is that if I can't see my link, nor can anyone else!
You may link to either my MAIN INDEX PAGE or my MISTRESS DIRECTORY, (or both if you have space).
To create the link, simply copy and paste all the text below into the position on your webpage where you wish my link to appear. Then re-upload your page and double check that my link and banner are working correctly.

  To highlight all the text below quickly and easily, just treble-click inside the white box in quick succession.
Link back to my Mistress & Sub/Dom Directory:
<!-- Link for www.BottomMarks.com Sub/Dom Directory -->
<P><A HREF="http://www.bottommarks.com/subdom/index.htm" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.bottommarks.com/subdom.gif "WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" TITLE="The Global Directory for Mistress Listings, Masters, Switches and Slaves!!"></A><P>
Link back to my Main Website Index Page:
<!-- Link for www.BottomMarks.com Spanking Website -->
<P><A HREF="http://www.bottommarks.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://www.bottommarks.com/bottom.gif "WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" TITLE="Click for the Hottest Spanking Video Downloads, Free Personal Photo-Ads, Mistress Listings and CP Entertainment!"></A><P>
Link back to my Spanking Photo-Profiles:

<!-- Link for www.BottomMarks.com Spanking Personals -->
<P><A HREF="http://www.bottommarks.com/personals" TARGET="_blank">
<IMG SRC="http://www.bottommarks.com/bottom.gif "WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" TITLE="Click for Free Spanking Contacts and Personal Photo-Ads where you can meet Spankers and Spankees for a live one-on-one!"></A><P>

Free Spanking Classifieds and Contact-Ads for Spankers looking to meet Spankees and visa-versa.

.. or just create a simple TEXT Link :
If the options above do not suit the layout for your website's link-back page, feel free to add a more
compatible text link, using the details above as required. You may also contact me for further
assistance or for a custom banner to conform to the graphics you use on your website.

Tell Me About the Link You Wish to Exchange:

Once you have created the link back to me on your site (see step 1) and it is active and working, complete this section below to tell me that the exchange has been made. I will use the details you enter below to create multiple links to your website! - Important: Please do not complete Step 2 until AFTER you have fully completed Step1. This is a free banner exchange on a mutual basis. If I can't find my link on your website I cannot link back to you!
Your Name:
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My Link Location: 
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Thank You:  

Once I receive your exchange request I will check your site to confirm my link is correctly added. The return exchange will then be approved and your link (and your banner) will appear on my site numerous times. ** Please note that I do not exchange with sites containing multiple pop-ups!